Interview with SafetyDetectives

I recently had the chance to sit down with Aviva Zacks from SafetyDetectives and talk about what we're doing here at Concentric. She asked a few questions that got right to the heart of two major shifts all of us in the cybersecurity space are confronting. Here's that part of our interview:

SD: What is the worst cyberthreat out there?

KK: Anything targeting users. Cybercriminals are really focused on phishing and other ways to penetrate a company by tricking an employee into helping them. And once they are inside, they have access to all the sensitive data the compromised employee had access to. Or in some cases, cybercriminals can convince an employee to act as an insider. Fortunately, deep learning gives us the tools we need to spot risk, even across millions of files located on-premises and in the cloud.

SD: How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed cybersecurity forever?

KK: COVID has led many to suggest remote work will be a permanent part of corporate life for the foreseeable future, even after the pandemic is over. Remote work increases sharing and online collaboration. It puts end users in the driver’s seat for security decisions, such as where to store a file or whom to share it with. Remote work plus increased collaboration places more sensitive data at risk. So with COVID, I see a rising and permanent threat associated with poor or careless choices made by end-users when it comes to data security.

 Thanks Aviva, I'm grateful for the chance to talk with you about Concentric! You can read the entire article here.


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